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Rockwell College

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For a short video on the history of Rockwell College, please click here

Rockwell College, a Catholic School, was founded in 1864 in the religious and educational tradition of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit. The School authority is committed to building a Christian Community of freedom and love which respects the rights and uniqueness of each pupil, as well as promoting respect for civil authorities and a concern and care for one another.

Particular attention is given to fostering the development of each student's gifts, together with growth in self knowledge and self esteem in a harmonious development of the whole person. To achieve the intellectual, moral, spiritual, social, cultural and physical development of each pupil, the school provides a wide range of subjects, including religious education, and aims for a high academic standard while preparing them for a broad range of professions and occupations.

Rockwell is a partnership of laity and religious, parents and students, always working closely to realise the school motto - Inter Mutanda Constantia - (Constancy in the Midst of Inevitable Change) - through fidelity to Christ and His Church, openness to the future and attentiveness to discerning the Spirit of God at work in successive generations. This vision is shaping Rockwell to be what it is today and can be tomorrow.

The aim of Rockwell College is to enable each student to reach full development in a harmonious growth of the whole person. It promotes this aim of integral formation by varied activities - religious, academic, social, cultural and sporting - which are conducted by means of personal contacts and shared commitments, and experienced by the pupils in the context of life within the Rockwell school community.

In this task it recognises that the primary responsibility for the education of children rests with their parents or guardians, and seeks to co-operate closely with them and to be as helpful as possible in the fulfilment of that responsibility

Rockwell has learned from the founders of the Holy Spirit Congregation the importance of a gentle approach and of easy and caring relationships. In our Rule of Life we read:

"Whatever may be the work we are engaged in as priests or as brothers, we aim to bear witness to a kingdom of justice and peace, by living together in community, in genuine charity, in mutual forbearance, pardoning, sharing, ever hospitable and free from prejudice."

In Rockwell we have always kept in mind that school days are not merely a preparation for life, but are part of life, and we are concerned that our pupils should be happy while they are with us. We profoundly believe that an atmosphere of physical well being and moral and mental contentment is necessary for harmonious growth.

Rockwell's aim is to produce a high academic standard in its pupils. The gifts and talents of the pupils are sensitively assessed in order to enable them to realise their potential, and the School expects them to commit themselves to academic achievement commensurate with their abilities.

The widest possible range of subjects is provided from which they may choose, with appropriate guidance to those subjects which best satisfy their interests, needs and aspirations. Student guidance extends to preparation for a wide range of occupations, which is based on the identification and fostering of the talents of each individual pupil.

Pupils whose talents lie in sport, drama, art, and music are likely to find particular satisfaction and self esteem in the extensive cultural, athletic and sporting facilities of the College. In their relationships with one another the pupils are encouraged to live in a spirit of trust, tolerance and respect. In this way, the School seeks to educate its pupils in their responsibility to the wider community. It is also concerned with the removal of injustice in society and the promotion of a more humane world.

"We count the following as constitutive parts of our mission of evangelisation: the integral liberation of people, action for justice and peace, and participation in development. It follows that we must make ourselves the advocates, the supporters and defenders of the weak and the little ones against all who oppress them". 


The land upon which Rockwell is built once formed part of a vast estate of Richard Boyle, Earl of Cork. At the beginning of the last century it was the property of William Roe, a barrister by profession, who rented the old mansion to the Marquis of Waterford in 1841. The Marquis, who used the residence as a hunting-lodge, added to the mansion a cut stone bow window that is now the hall doorway to the College. The property afterwards passed into the possession of Monsieur Charles Thiebault, a wealthy French Catholic with business in Dundee, Scotland. After his death his brother, Monsieur Gustave Thiebault donated it to the Scottish Bishops. The Holy Ghost Fathers  entered into residence in 1864. In 1872 the College was re-organised for Secondary Studies and became the foundation of our school as it is today.

The House and Estate was bought from the Bishops in 1877 for £7,000. The first work was the training of priests for Scotland; hence Rockwell’s earliest name: "The Scot College".

The Rockwell College Crest

A dove in its own colour, with seven rays descending in gold colour, symbolising Pentecost.

The shield is divided in quarters. In the first is a field of azure blue, with a castle of its own colour standing on a Rock with waves all around. The tower on the wave-washed Rock is taken from the municipal seal of Cashel, the water being added to represent our lake.

Figuratively, this quarter symbolises our steadfast loyalty to the gospel teachings handed on by our Church, founded on the Rock of Peter and unmoved by the storms of history.

In the second quarter, on a red field are three fleurs-de-lis in gold. They are the traditional symbol of the royalty of France, and signify the origin of the Holy Ghost Fathers.

In the third quarter, on a black field are three books in their own colour. They represent the College tradition in Scholarship.

The fourth quarter represents the Province of Munster on a field of the first three antique crowns of gold.

Red represents the Holy Spirit, blue Mary the Mother of God. The motto means: "Amidst inevitable change, constancy". It indicates the resolute adherence to Faith and other Gospel values, and to the traditions of our school which should characterise every member of the Rockwell College Educational Community and the young people confided to our care.