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The N8 has been replaced in parts by the M8, i.e. a motorway now exists from a few miles south of Dublin to Cork.Some maps may show the old designation of N8: in the above map N8 and M8 refer to the same road- the new motorway. The section between Cahir -New Inn-Cashel (the old N8) is now designated R639, though some maps may show the New Inn-Cashel section as R687.

From the South travelling on the M8, take the Cahir exit (Exit 10) and follow the signs for New Inn - R639. One mile/1.6km beyond New Inn, Rockwell College is located on the left. .

From the North travelling on the M8, take the New Inn exit (Exit 9) . It is roughly 3 miles/4.8km to the college. The college is on the right hand side of the road.

From the East and via Clonmel, take the N24 west towards Cahir, and after approximately 3 miles/ 4.8 km turn right onto the R687 for New Inn. Entering New Inn, take care turning right across the R639 and drive one mile to find the college on your left.

From the West and via Tipperary Town, take the N74 to Kilfeacle and Golden. On crossing the bridge over the river Suir in Golden drive for 70 metres and turn right for New Inn. (The most direct route is to continue to New Inn, but it is quicker to turn left towards Rosegreen (junction is reached after travelling roughly 3 miles/4.8 km from Golden); the road to Rosegreen leads up to Racecourse Cross, where, taking care, you turn right onto the old N8, now R639-and proceed a little over a mile/ 1.6 km to Rockwell College on your right.) If you follow the longer, but more direct route to New Inn, turn left on reaching a cross-roads with a mini-roundabout, the R639; it is one mile/1.6 km to the college, on your left.

If the road between Golden and New Inn is closed, continue on to Cashel. On reaching Cashel turn right and follow the signs for New Inn (initially you follow the signs for Cork, but signs for New Inn appear shortly) . In icy conditions one should consider travelling via Cahir (Caher or Cathair Dun Iascaigh on some maps). On exiting Tipperary Town (as yet there is no bypass) the road to Cahir N24 (via Bansha) is located at the same mini-roundabout where the N74 leads to Kilfeacle and Golden. The N24 to Cahir brings you, via Bansha, to a roundabout just outside Cahir: it is easily recognised because approaching it you see overhead the fly-over of the new M8 motorway. Turn left at the roundabout and continue a little over a mile /1.5 km to a series of roundabouts (the interchange for the M8 and the N24 coming west from Waterford) where the New Inn R639 is clearly indicated to the right.

From Dublin Airport

The exit from the airport grounds is marked by a roundabout with a stone column. The red line above indicates your general direction. Essentially, follow the directions for the M50 South. Once on the M50 South, continue on to Interchange 9.


Here you leave the M50 and take the N7; you are heading south on the Naas Road. The road signs you follow at this stage also indicate Limerick. Once on the N7 it is straight driving on a dual carriageway all the way to the motorway-M7. Drive to and take EXIT 19, shortly after a Toll Plaza. You are now on the Cork road, M8. Drive to New Inn exit (Exit 9) . From here it is less than 3 miles/4.8km to the college. The college is on the right hand side of the road. (From Dublin Airport: M50 south; Interchange 9 to N7; Exit 19 to M8; Exit 9 towards New Inn)


N.B. There is a manned toll plaza on the M7. There is no toll plaza on the M50 dual-carriageway from Dublin airport to Exit 9, but there is a toll. You are obliged to pay the toll charge by 8 p.m. the following day, either online at www.eflow.ie or use call centre LoCall 1890 50 10 50 or through Payzone branded outlets nationwide. Penalties for non payment are punitive.

From Cork Airport

Exit Cork Airport and turn left onto N27. Drive straight on to Kinsale Road Roundabout. You are turning right, so the rightmost lane is best. Note that the N25 (marked in red above at Kinsale Road Roundabout) coming from your left now forms a fly-over for traffic on that road. You pass under that flyover and follow the roundabout below to the right. Your exit is up a ramp which climbs up to and merges with the flyover traffic. You are now on the N25 heading east; this is also sign-posted as "South Ring East". Keep on the N25 all the way to the "Jack Lynch Tunnel".

The Tunnel has two lanes; the left lane is best as it lines you up nicely for Dunkettle Roundabout, beyond which is the N8. You are going straight ahead, taking the 2nd Exit (the first would bring you onto Lower Glanmire and into Cork); the 2nd Exit is signposted for Dublin. You are now on the N8; it is a straight run all the way to the M8 motorway and the Cahir Exit (Exit 10), where you follow the signs for New Inn . See From the South above. Journey time of roughly one hour-60 miles/96 km.

From Shannon Airport

Turn left on exiting Shannon Airport and follow the N19 to its end. At the roundabout turn right onto the N18: follow the N18 all the way to Limerick. Approaching Limerick, follow the signs for Waterford and Tipperary. The signs will lead you onto the N24, which will bring you all the way to Tipperary Town. There is no by-pass, so follow the main road through the town and at the mini roundabout at the end of the town follow the directions under From the West above.

From Waterford Airport

Exiting the Airport, turn left onto the R708 and drive to the Airport Roundabout. The new outer ring road is in operation; it now links with a newbridge over the river Suir (proposed route above in red) and with the N24. Follow the signs for Limerick or Clonmel after crossing new (toll) bridge.

This will bring you to Clonmel (Clonmel may not be indicated on signposts but Limerick will be); you follow the By-Pass the entire way round Clonmel to the Cahir Road Roundabout and take the N24 towards Cahir (See From the East above). Note: the BY-Pass is the N24: at the final roundabout approaching Clonmel -there is a sculpture of flowers in the centre of the (Moangarriff) roundabout to mark it - the second exit leads onto the By-Pass, the first exit (straight ahead) leads into Clonmel.