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The Constitution of Rockwell College Parents Association agreed at the AGM held on October 2nd 2012.

This association shall be known as the Rockwell College Parents Association, hereafter referred to as “the Parents Association”. Any reference to the ‘Parent body’ will mean all parents/guardians of pupils attending the school at that time. The Association shall be a representative body for the parents and guardians of all pupils attending Rockwell College.

1. Objectives of the Parents Association

The objectives of the Parents Association shall be:

2. Membership of the Parents Association
Parents and guardians of all pupils currently attending Rockwell College are deemed to be members of the Parents Association.

3. The Parents Association Council (PAC)
Members of the Parents Association, the parent body, shall be elected to the Parents Association Council (PAC) at its Annual General Meeting (AGM). The PAC should, as far as is possible, be made up of 2 representatives from each year, including the Leaving Certificate Year (Years 6 and 7). In addition to these 12 members, there shall be the 2 Parents’ Representatives to the Board of Management. They shall be deemed ex officio members of the PAC without voting rights at PAC meetings.

Members of the Parents Association shall be entitled to sit on the PAC for as long as they are elected to do so, but only for as long as they have a pupil at the school.
All officers of the PAC shall be elected/re-elected by majority vote at the first meeting of the PAC after the AGM each year. Any officer may be nominated for re-election if they wish to continue to serve. However for an officer seeking to be elected for a third year or more to any office the majority shall consist of no less than 75% of the votes cast.
The officers of the Parents Association Council shall be the Chairperson, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Public Relations Officer.
Co-option to the PAC and the filling of any vacancies will be at the discretion of the PAC, which shall endeavor to ensure the representation of all classes on the PAC. The person co-opted shall serve for the remainder of the term of office.
4. Operation of the PAC. The PAC shall have banking facilities for the purpose of depositing monies from its activities and shall maintain sufficient funds in its account for the annual administration of PAC.
A bank account shall be kept in the name of the Parents Association under the supervision of the Treasurer.
All expenses shall be paid by cheque and signed by two of three named persons i.e. Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary.
Officers can write cheques up to a limit of €50 without prior approval of the Council.
These cheques will still require a second signature.
It shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer to provide the Bank with the necessary documentation of signatories.
A financial statement shall be available for each meeting of the PAC.
An Income and Expenditure Account and balance sheet for the financial year shall be prepared by the Treasurer and presented at the AGM.
(b) Management of Meetings

All Council meetings must be attended by at least one member of the College Staff/Management.
Where the Chairperson or Vice Chairperson is not present, the PAC may appoint from their members a person to Chair the meeting. Where the Secretary is not present, the PAC may appoint from their members a person to be secretary for the purposes of that meeting.

A quorum at a meeting of the PAC shall consist of seven members and must include any two of the following officers: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, or Treasurer.
Issues at the meeting will where possible, be decided by consensus, otherwise by simple majority through a show of hands. If there is an equality of votes, the Chairperson will have the casting vote.

Only PAC members have the right to vote at PAC meetings. The Principal (or nominated Staff member) and any Parent Board of Management Representatives present shall not be entitled to vote.
The PAC may invite a person or persons to attend its meetings as it deems desirable or necessary.
Decisions of the PAC are binding on all PAC members. Each member of the PAC accepts responsibility for the decisions of the PAC as long as he/she is a member.
(c) Official Statements and Representations:
No member of the PAC other than the Chairperson, Secretary, PRO or other member specifically nominated by the PAC shall make an official or public statement or make representation on behalf of the Parent Association.

No member of the PAC shall represent the Parents Association without a majority vote of the PAC.

(d)Liaison with School Authorities:
Liaison with school authorities shall normally be maintained by the attendance of the Principal, Deputy Principal or nominee at PAC meetings.

The agenda for all PAC Meetings shall be agreed between the Chairperson and the Principal/Deputy Principal.

The PAC may should it consider it desirable and appropriate, correspond, in writing, or seek a meeting with the Board of Management.

(e) Ending membership of the PAC
The PAC shall reserve the right to expel a member of the PAC subject to a vote by the PAC. For this vote a majority shall consist of no less than 75% of the voting membership of the PAC.

Any member of the PAC who fails to attend 3 consecutive meetings and fails to inform the Secretary in advance of their absence from the meeting will be removed as a member of the PAC.

Any member who wishes to resign should do so in writing to the PAC Chairperson.

(f) Sub-committees
Sub-committees set up for a specific purpose shall meet from time to time as required and report back to the PAC. The PAC may constitute and dissolve sub-committees of the association and working parties as it considers necessary to assist it from time to time, to achieve the objectives of the Association. Sub-Committees may consist of members and non-members of the Association. Sub-Committees are not decision making bodies, but rather can make recommendations to the PAC and are accountable to the PAC.
(g)Confidentiality Members of the PAC shall undertake to use all or part of any confidential information that is provided to the PAC exclusively for the business of the PAC. Members may not directly or indirectly use or disclose such information in whole or in part to a third party without the prior approval/agreement of the PAC.
5. Amendments to the Constitution
Amendments to the constitution may be proposed at the AGM, or at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), provided that at least three weeks’ notice has been given to the Secretary. No alterations shall be deemed carried unless with the approval of at least two thirds of the voting members present. Such proposed changes shall be circulated with the notification of the AGM or EGM at which they are going to be considered
6. Annual General Meeting (AGM) An AGM shall be held at the start of each school year (by mid-October) for the purpose of apprising the parent body of on-going developments within the Association, and to accept nominations for election to the PAC. Any member of the parent body shall be entitled to speak and vote at such meeting.
All motions for the AGM shall be lodged with the PAC Secretary at least three weeks before the AGM and circulated to the membership at least two weeks before the AGM. Motions will also be accepted at the AGM where such motion is put to the meeting by the proposer and seconded by one other person present at the meeting.
The outgoing PAC shall remain in office until the conclusion of the AGM. Not less than fourteen days’ notice of the AGM shall be sent to each member and must be accompanied by the agenda for the meeting, plus nomination form for election to the incoming PAC. The notice for the meeting should be drawn up and agreed between the Chairperson and the Secretary.
The outgoing PAC shall decide on the voting procedure for parent representatives to the incoming PAC. Parents will have to opt for a year group that they wish to represent. In the event that there is more than two representatives going forward for a particular year group a vote shall be taken.
Two tellers will be appointed to count the vote, which shall be by secret ballot, voting for one candidate only. In the case of there being an equality of votes, the Chairperson will draw a name from a hat.
The first meeting of the PAC shall be decided at the AGM and notification will be given by the outgoing Secretary to the incoming PAC.
The AGM shall be chaired by the PAC Chairperson.
The Association members present at the AGM or EGM shall constitute the quorum.
7. Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) It shall be open to members of the Parents Association to call for the convening of an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Association provided such request is supported by at least 15% of the members of the Association.
Notification of such request should be in writing to the PAC Secretary together with the signatures of those supporting the request. The request shall set out clearly the business to be conducted at such EGM.
The PAC shall, on receipt of a valid request for an EGM, cause such an EGM to be convened within 4 weeks of such a request being received.
Other General Meetings Other General Meetings of the Association may be held at the request of the PAC (or at least 50 members of the Parents Association). All members shall be entitled to attend, speak and vote at such meetings.
8. Election of Board of Management Representatives
The PAC shall seek nominations from the Parent Body for the election of two parents' representatives (one male, one female) to the Board of Management of the school. Elections shall take place at either the AGM or other General Meeting of the Association, every 3 years.

Parents elected to serve on the Board of Management are automatically entitled to and encouraged to attend the meetings of the PAC. Their role at these meetings is to brief the PAC on the non-confidential areas of Board of management business which is of relevance to Parents and for the purpose of furnishing Board of Management meetings with a report on the activities of the PAC. They shall not be entitled to vote on matters at meetings of the PAC.

In agreeing to serve, parent Board of Management members must put aside a representational role and assume a management role with responsibility for overall management in the school.

9. Winding up the Parents Association
Winding up of the Parents Association shall only be valid if accepted at a General Meeting convened for this purpose. In the event of the winding up of the Parents Association any assets on hand shall be presented to the Board of Management for school purposes.