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Rockwell College Fees Policy


Rockwell College is a recognised Voluntary Secondary School, providing Junior Certificate & Junior Cycle, Transition Year, Leaving Certificate and Leaving Certificate Vocational Programmes as prescribed by the D.E.S. which may be amended in accordance with Sections 9 and 30 of the Education Act (1998).  Rockwell College is a co-educational school.  The pupil body comprises of boarders and day-boarders.  The College operates under the Trusteeship of the Spiritan Education Trust.




We support the principles of providing an environment where: Catholic values and practices are promoted and maintained; pupils can develop their full potential; personal responsibility is promoted; life-skills are reinforced through participation in educational, sporting and cultural activities; pupils are prepared for an appropriate career; pupils are made aware of their cultural heritage; parental collaboration is promoted and encouraged; an education free from fear and intimidation is provided; a sense of integrity is nurtured and the student demonstrates respect of values, diversity of tradition, language and ways of life in society.  This will be fostered through the pastoral care system of the College.




Rockwell College is a fee-charging Voluntary Secondary school. School fees are the primary source of income for Rockwell College notwithstanding the payment of a number of teaching salaries by the Department of Education & Skills.

The Department of Education and Skills (DES) pays the salaries of those teachers according to the number of pupils enrolled in the previous year.  This is calculated on a ratio prescribed by the DES.

To facilitate a wide curriculum and range of classes, the Board of Management employs a number of teachers in excess of the staffing allocation made to the school by the DES.

Rockwell College also employs a number of ancillary staff to support the pupils, teachers and management of the College and to ensure the well-being of the child. The maintenance and upkeep of the College grounds, buildings and facilities are the responsibility of the Board of Management and these costs are also paid from the fees charged. 

This document is intended to outline for parents/guardians/agents the fee structures in place, relevant applicable discounts, payment methods and other relevant information relating to the payment and processing of fees at Rockwell College.



Parents:                   Parents/ Guardians/Agents responsible for the payment of fees

The College:             Rockwell College

DES:                        Department of Education & Skills (or similar body)

Trustees:                   Spiritan Education Trust (SET)

Residential Boarders: Pupils residing in the College or with Host families as boarding pupils

Full Day:                    All tuition, lunch, extra-curricular, tea & Evening Study

Reduced Day:            All tuition, lunch, extra-curricular.






As a fee-charging school, Rockwell College does not receive capitation grants (i.e. grants for heat, light, electricity) from the DES.  Neither is it eligible for a range of other grants.  It is totally dependent on fees to meet all costs apart from those teaching salaries met by the DES and certain State prescribed funds that may arise from time to time.


The fees set by Rockwell College are approved annually by the Trustees, namely the Spiritan Education Trust (SET). Only the Trustees can approve any change in the fees set by the Board of Management of Rockwell College.





It is expected that parents will:





It is expected that Rockwell College will:





Payments may be made by cheque, cash or Bank Transfer to the relevant College account indicated to parents.


Option 1

One single payment on August 1st


Open to all pupils.

Option 2

Two half year payments on August 1st and November 1st.


Open to all pupils.

Option 3

Standing Order for 10 equal monthly payments totalling the full fee due starting August 1st with final payment May 1st


Available to Day Boarders and Irish resident boarders only









In addition to College Fees, Boarders resident in Ireland will be charged for laundry, transport, books and uniform etc. if supplied by the College. These extra charges will be billed quarterly and are required to be paid immediately. Overseas Boarders pay for these services via their Reserve Fee. The balance, if any is returned at the end of the year.





A Scholarship Programme is in place in Rockwell College as follows:






In order to support parents, a discount is applied in cases when a second or subsequent sibling is attending concurrently. This discount is applied only to pupils attending as Full Day boarders and residential boarders. The discount is 25% of the College Fees and does not apply to additional charges that may arise such as school trips, books, uniform, Mock Exam fees, State Exam fees etc. As in the case of the fees charged by the College, any change in the discount is subject to Trustee approval prior to being amended by the Board of Management.













In the event of a change of pupil status – i.e. a move from Reduced Day to Full Day, or to boarding, a pro-rata increase will be applied to the fees for that pupil. 





Rockwell College requires the payment of fees to provide the services offered to pupils. Every effort is made by the College to monitor accounts and advise parents if concerns are arising in respect of payments. In cases where fee payment is not punctual or falls short of the amount due, the College may proceed with any or all of the actions below:













This Policy was ratified by the Board of Management of Rockwell College and is subject to periodic review.




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