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The Boarding School

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Director’s Message:
Welcome to Rockwell College where we offer residential accommodation for boys and girls on a 7day and 5 day basis. Girls are catered for through placements in locally-based host families while up to 150 boys board on-site in Shanahan Hall.
Pupils from all over Ireland and from around the world choose Rockwell College for their second-level education. Our pupils travel from the U.K., Germany, Spain, Luxemburg, France, Belgium, Russia, U.S., Bahrain, Japan and Hong Kong. This diversity provides a unique environment for all pupils attending the College and is part of the College ethos of inclusivity.
As a boarder at Rockwell College, you will experience a well-structured environment that promotes academic and social development in the Spiritan tradition. Our boarding facilities are spacious and modern, providing a comfortable and high quality living space .Pupils develop both their independence and their sense of responsibility within the care and protection of the College and its staff.
To view our residential facilities and College, contact Reception to arrange an appointment.
 I look forward to welcoming you here.
Frank Fitzgerald

Accommodation: (illustrated below)

1st and 2nd Year: Boys share dorms of 4 beds in single units. 3rd and 4th Year: Boys share twin rooms.

5th and 6th Year: Each boy has a single room.

Shanahan Hall also provides separate toilets and shower rooms for each age group. Pupils can enjoy a range of facilities within Shanahan Hall, including Common rooms, Weights Room, kitchenette and Cinema Room for the use of boarders exclusively. As we recognise the importance of boarders (whether Irish or international) keeping in touch with home, regulated internet access is available in all rooms. Firewalls and other measures are in place to regulate activity. An on-site laundry service is also available for boarders and there are opportunities at the weekend to purchase essentials in Cashel.

The Boarding Day: Rise at 7:30am. Breakfast at 8 a.m. Assembly for all pupils at 8:40a.m.

Class 8:50am – 3:45p.m. (with ten minute break at 10.50 and lunch at 13.00). 4p.m. Sports and extra-curricular activities.

5p.m.Tea (all pupils). 5:45p.m. – 8:15p.m. Study (all pupils). At 8:15p.m. Supper. 8:30p.m. Boarders’ Study

9:15 p.m. Return to Residence. Lights out 10:30 p.m.

  • Frank Fitzgerald, Director of Boarding
  • Shanahan Hall Residence
  • First and Second Year RoomIndividual cubicles in 4 bed dormitory
  • First and Second Year
  • Third and Fourth Year RoomTwo pupils share each room
  • Third and Fourth Year
  • Fifth and Sixth Year RoomIn Fifth and Sixth Year each boy has a single room.
  • Single room
  • Kitchenette
  • Rockwell Lake
  • Infirmary
  • ShowersSeparate showers for Seniors and Juniors
  • Toilets
  • The Back Avenue
  • Rockwell Grounds
  • Weights' Room
  • Lake CircuitIdeal for walking/jogging
  • Gym
  • Golf Course
  • All weather training area
  • Golf Course
  • Kitchen StaffAll meals are prepared and cooked by our staff
  • Winter
  • Aerial View of Rockwell College