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Seventh Year

Rockwell College welcomes applications from pupils who wish to repeat their Leaving Certificate programme and examinations. The Seventh Year programme targets the subject needs of the candidates and is aimed at maximising their academic potential. A range of subjects are available, many in small specialist class sizes.

Candidates who wish to repeat their Leaving Certificate through Seventh Year at Rockwell College should contact the College after receiving their Leaving Certificate results. An appointment will be made with the Deputy Principal, who will meet the candidate and a parent to assess the results and the possible subject choices for Seventh Year.

Seventh Year at Rockwell College has had considerable success in raising the CAO points achieved by repeating pupils. Over the past five years, pupils repeating their Leaving Certificate have gained an average of 60 points each, with some improving by up to 90 points.

Please contact 062-61444 for more information.