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  • R)Mike Casey
  • AD0T5223
  • AD0T5289
  • R)Sean in the air
  • AD0T5306rev
  • AD0T5316
  • R)Tom Tackle
  • AD0T5319
  • AD0T5350
  • AD0T5377
  • R)Lee Try
  • AD0T5404
  • School's A Football Champions 2014-2015-46
  • AD0T5416adj2
  • AD0T5448
  • R)Moynihan
  • School's A Football Champions 2014-2015-18
  • School's A Football Champions 2014-2015-2
  • School's A Football Champions 2014-2015-47
  • School's A Football Champions 2014-2015-5


Pupils, parents and supporters are invited to submit photographs of college games and activities via email to Frank McGrath Please indicate date, team and opposition. I appreciate all submissions.

Please note that an easy way to send photos or text files is to use a service like WETRANSFER.COM . You can send up to 2 GB for free in each transfer. Rockwell College has no connection or association with WETRANSFER.COM. I list it here because I find it efficient and simple. (F.McG)


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