Reporting on your child’s progress is important in order to maintain connected to their learning and progress. In addition to contact with Year Deans, parents will receive the following feedback:

  • 1.School Journal: staff will use the school journal for feedback on test results or low-level disciplinary matters. Pupils from 1st to 3rd year are required to have their journal signed weekly. This is checked by their Class Tutor.
  • 2.Term Reports: After Christmas and Summer tests (and mock exams for 6th and 3rd Year) Rockwell College issues Term Reports with comments from teachers on your child’s progress.
  • 3.Periodic Assessments: Five times throughout the school year, Periodic Assessment Notes will be issued. These are brief reports that identify your child’s application in a subject rather than the grade or percentage received. They are followed by meetings with the Year group to discuss pupils’ progress, toaffirm strong application and guide those underperforming.