1st & 2nd Year: Boys share dorms of 4 beds in single units.

3rd Year: Boys share twin and triple rooms.

4th & 5th Year: Boys share twin rooms or single rooms

6th Year: Each boy has a single room.

Shanahan Hall also provides separate toilets and shower rooms for each age group. Pupils can enjoy a range of facilities for the use of boarders exclusively. As we recognise the importance of boarders (whether Irish or international) keeping in touch with home, regulated internet access is available in all rooms. Firewalls and other measures are in place to regulate activity.

An on-site laundry service, charged to the reserve fee, is also available for boarders and there are opportunities at the weekend to purchase essentials in local towns.

Trips and excursions are organised regularly throughout the year to entertain our boarders and to give them an opportunity to see some local and national history and culture. Sample excursions include Cahir Castle, Mitchelstown caves, Kilkenny Castle as well as paint-balling, karting, ice-skating and bowling.

Approximately every three weeks the Residence closes for a Boarders’ Weekend. Irish residents return home for this weekend and out overseas students are accommodated by Host Families

The Boarding Day:

  • 7:30am. Rise & Shower
  • 8 a.m. Breakfast for all
  • 8:40a.m. Assembly for all pupils
  • 8:50am Class (with ten minute break at 10.50 and lunch at 13.00).
  • 3.45 Class finishes
  • 4p.m. Sports and extra-curricular activities.
  • 5p.m. Tea (all pupils).
  • 5:45p.m. Study (all pupils).
  • 8:15p.m. Supper.
  • 8:30p.m. Boarders’ Study
  • 9:15 p.m. Return to Residence.
  • 10:30 p.m Lights out.