EU & Overseas Boarders


Rockwell College has a long tradition of welcoming pupils from outside Ireland to its Boarding School College and Residence. EU and Overseas boys and girls can apply to every year group

All EU & Overseas boarders require an Agent based in Ireland to act for them while studying at Rockwell College. There are many agencies available and the choice is for you to make. Alternatively, you can choose Rockwell College to act as your Agent at a Fee of €2,000.00 per annum. As Agent, Rockwell College will undertake to do the following:

  • Arrange the purchase of text books
  • Arrange Host family accommodation at Boarders’ Weekends
  • Arrange transport to/from the airport and to Host Families from the College
  • Note: boarders arriving for the first time MUST be accompanied to Rockwell College by a parent
  • Arrange visas and other documentation for non-EU boarders after arrival in Ireland
  • Represent the boarder in matters relating to discipline or academic progress in the College
  • Organise medical care that may be required.

Rockwell College as Agent will not:

  • Arrange supervision for boarders during school holidays
  • Arrange purchase of School Uniform- see Parents & Pupils tab for information
  • Accommodate boarders within Rockwell College during periods of Suspension

Boarders’ Weekends & Host Families

Approximately every three week, the Residence closes down for the weekend on Friday at 3:45pm. This is known as a “Boarders’ Weekend”. EU & Overseas boarders for whom Rockwell College is their Agent are accommodated during these Weekends in Host Families. Host Families are checked and vetted by Rockwell College. The Families are based locally.

Boarders who have an Agent other than Rockwell College are the responsibility of that Agent during Boarders’ Weekends.