Rockwell College - Leading boys and girls secondary boarding school in Ireland

How To Apply

To apply to Rockwell College for September 2022 as a day pupil or 5/7 day boarder please download the Application Form from the links below and return as per instructions below.

The Education (Admissions) Act 2020 has resulted in changes to how parents can apply for places in secondary schools across Ireland, including Rockwell College, for entry in 2022.

  • For day pupils applying for First Year, applications can only be made after October 4th in the year prior to entry - i.e. October of 6th Class
  • For boarding pupils applying for entry, applications can only be made after October 4th two years prior to entry – i.e. October of 5th Class

The Rockwell College Admissions Notice for 2022-23 outlines the Application and Decision dates for First Year entry in 2022. The updated 2022 Admissions Notice will shortly be available with the Admissions Policy under the Policy Documents tab.

For pupils applying as day pupils or boarders to year groups other than First Year, Rockwell College asks that you submit two school reports with your application and, in the case of boarders, that you and your parents are willing to meet with staff - in person or remotely – to assess the applicant’s suitability for boarding school.

Application forms for First Year entry and Entry to Year Groups Other Than First Year are available HERE

The Rockwell College Admissions Policy has been amended in line with the Education (Admissions) Act 2020 and is available from September 15th 2020.