Rockwell College was celebrating a 'first' with the release of the Leaving Certificate results on August 13th . Among the pupils celebrating their success was one for whom the results were a bigger surprise than most. Bill Fitzgerald, Clonmel, is one of only 5 candidates from the 55,000 receiving results nationally to achieve 8 H1 grades in Honours papers. When asked how such success can be achieved Bill remarked that " hard work achieves results, but everyone knows that". He noted the need to "switch off & spend time with your friends". Bill also employed some methods to unwind from the stress of exam preparation, including binge-watching Netflix to relax.


Reflecting on his time at Rockwell College, Bill commented that "In first year, a 13-year-old me felt overwhelmed by Christmas tests. My Dad told me to look at the exams as individual bricks as opposed to a whole wall. So I suppose my attitude to the exams and study was to break bricks." Bill was quick to share the credit for his success, noting that Rockwell College gave him "a healthy school environment, encouraging teachers, great friends". His parents & family were singled in particular for their support and even the family dog kept his spirits up.

Aside from Bill's remarkable achievement over 33% of the Rockwell College candidates achieved over 500 points in comparison to around 13% nationally, with 8% achieving over 600 points. The Principal of Rockwell College, Audrey O’Byrne congratulated all the pupils -“ I am delighted to see that the hard work and dedication of our pupils has been rewarded. They have been a particularly diligent, hard working group with a strong sense of purpose ''

There were strong grades achieved across all subjects, with grades in Maths, Applied Maths, Biology, Accounting, Geography and Chemistry at Rockwell College well in excess of the national averages.