Rockwell reach the national U16 Basketball Final

Rockwell College 12 CBS Kilkenny 10

From the tip off it was easy to see that both teams were well matched and that it was going to be a close game. Conor Hennessy and Rory Collins started off the scoring for Rockwell with some great post moves under the basket. Roque Reyero was very solid on the defencive side with some great steals. Both sets of defence zones were strong and each team found it difficult to score. Rockwell, however, were down a basket at half time, but with great support from the bench , the Rockwell boys went out with renewed determination in the second half.

In the last minute, the sides were level and with both teams on team fouls it was very tense affair. Darragh Cronin stepped up to the mark and scored a wonderful 3 pointer to put Rockwell up 3 points with just under 40 seconds to go. They then fouled and CBS went to the line. Lucky for Rockwell the Kilkenny shooter scored only 1 which meant Rockwell were still up by a basket with 20 seconds remaining on the clock. An excellent block by Nathan Brockley under his own backboard meant the Rockwell team held on to possession and came out the winners. Final score was 12-10 with captain Roque Reyero being awarded the cup. Rockwell now continue to the All-Irelands.