Dear Friends

This notice is intended to help parents and those acting in a parental capacity in light of the closure of Rockwell College until Monday, March 30th and possibly longer. We are all operating against a backdrop of uncertainty and many of you are facing challenging work environments also. I hope nothing herein creates any additional burden.

The teachers of Rockwell College have planning in place to ensure that your children remain engaged with the curriculum during the closure. Priority has been given to the 6th/7th year pupils and 3rd year pupils to minimise the effect of the loss of class contact. Teachers have adopted differing approaches in terms of engaging on-line resources, revision aids, revision schedules and homework. The time between the announcement on Thursday and the closure of the College did not allow as much planning time as one might like but I ask you to note the following:

  • The Rockwell College email addresses of all teachers are listed on the spreadsheet below that you can access. Also listed is work assigned to year groups. A number of teachers are specifically requesting their class groups to engage with them – this is indicated on the spreadsheet by ‘Please connect’. Pupils should email their teacher so the teacher can create Group Emails for their particular class and send them work.
  • Some teachers are using on-line class engagement - this is of course impacted by broadband availability and the demands on that broadband from parents who are working from home now. It is understood by teachers that there is not universal access, nor do they themselves have guaranteed access. Some teachers have given hard copies of revision programmes to exam classes – this is sufficient.
  • Teachers currently are not preparing work for SPHE, CSPE, non-exam RE or Wellbeing. Pupils DO NOT need to engage with their teachers for those subjects at this time.
  • The TY group was due to start Work Experience next week so there is not the same level of subject planning in place for them. These pupils should be using the time to check websites such as or The information on Third Level courses will be useful for planning their subject choices for 5th Year. We will be looking for subject choices very soon after re-opening so please use this time now.
  • Check with your son/daughter that he/she has received work or has connected with her/his teacher via email to be able to receive or return school work. I ask that parents do not email teachers on the pupils’ behalf. This is a provision for your child. Parents can connect to the College via as normal. Note that work may not yet be in place for all groups.
  • Try to have your daughter/son adhere to their normal school day timetable – 40 mins on a particular subject and following their normal Tuesday, Wednesday etc. This is not essential but it might help with the general routine of the home. Many are not used to schoolwork in the home environment.
  • Avoid any speculation around the State Exams with your son/daughter – it’s going to be a national issue with a national solution, every candidate is in the same position and even idle comments can soon become hard facts in the whirlwind of social media.
  • Don’t worry if your access to teachers’ on-line resources is a problem and you worry about your child falling behind. This effort is about keeping pupils connected to learning and staying engaged. Anything that your child does is learning and is valid. There is no wish to add to the current stress and complexity of the current situation in any home.
  • Pupils who need to come to school to collect books etc. can do on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th until 4pm. The College will be strictly closed to pupils/parents thereafter.
  • Text messages will be used to contact you and to notify you if new notices are posted on this website.
  • will remain operational indefinitely and is the main means through which you can the College.

Finally…good luck, stay well and take care. Be assured you and your family are in our thoughts. I hope to see everyone back to Rockwell College as soon as possible.

With kind regards,

Audrey O’Byrne 062-61444

CLICK HERE to access teachers’ contact details and information on school-work assigned