Rockwell College Uniform

The following is the uniform of the Rockwell College for all pupils. Available from Clintons of Clonmel or online via

Clintons is the sole uniform supplier for Rockwell College.

  • Grey school trousers OR Rockwell College skirt (navy & white pleated tartan) to below the knee.
  • White shirt with collar
  • School crested jumper
  • School tie
  • Brown, black or navyflat heeled shoes
  • Navy knee-length socks or tights.
  • Grey school trousers with plain black or brown belt if required
  • White shirt with collar
  • School crested jumper
  • School tie
  • Black, brown or navy plain shoes
  • Black/brown socks

Rockwell College Sports Gear

Uniformity is the sole sports gear provider for Rockwell College.

Rugby and Hockey packs for incoming pupils available on

The College tracksuit is not required for PE classes but is mandatory for pupils representing Rockwell College in team or individual sports. Pupils representing the College must wear the College ¼ Zip Top with choice of College Stadium pants, College Tapered pants or College Tracksuit bottoms when travelling to and from matches.

Iron-on labels for clothes are available on the Uniformity website. Parents are advised to label items of uniform and sports gear with pupils’ names to assist with lost items being returned.

Sports gear is only purchased directly from the supplier and not via Rockwell College.

On-line Purchasing of Uniform or Sports Gear

Boarders can purchase uniform and sport gear online and arrange delivery to Rockwell College in advance of the start of the school year.

Please ensure the order states the BOARDER’S NAME (not the name of the parent) and is delivered to:


c/o Rockwell College Residence

Rockwell College


Co. Tipperary E25 ED60