At Rockwell College, each year group is assigned a Dean to oversee the group. The role is multifaceted and includes pastoral support, academic guidance and disciplinary management. The Year Dean is the main point of contact between the parent/guardian and the College and it is with the Year Dean that parents will have most communication.

At the start of the school year, parents in each year group are informed of the times when the Dean is available for phone contact. While very effort is made to be available to parents, please note that Year Deans are full-time teachers and meetings will need to be scheduled in advance.

Please see below the list of Year Deans and the times available for 2018-19:

  • 1st Year: Ms. Gemma Walsh Cummins Tuesday 9:30am -10:10am

Friday 10:10am – 10:50am

  • 2nd Year: Mr. Martin Daly Monday 2:25pm - 3:05pm

Thursday 8:50am – 9:30am

  • 3rd Year: Ms. Wini Ryan Tuesday 9:30am -10:10am

Thursday 11:40am – 12:20am

  • Transition Year: Mr. Pat Egan Monday 8:50am – 9:30am

Thursday 2:25pm – 3:05pm

  • 5th Year: Mr. Seán Ryan Thursday 9:30am -10:10am

Friday 11:40am – 12:20am

  • 6th Year: Mr. Brendan Ferris Monday 11:00am -11:40am

Friday 11:40am – 12:20am